Saturday, July 28, 2007

Next Week on Caught on the Bound

-The story behind the enigmatic site counter

-Kevin revisits his Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows predictions to gloat/hang his head in shame (Does it need to be said? Spoiler alert! Finish the book!)

-A behind-the-scenes look at Caught on the Bound. This 30-second tour, complete with telling photographs and obfuscating text, will show you the inner machinations of the blog Time magazine once called "stop sending us letters about your stupid blog!" They're such jokesters, that Time magazine.

-The debut of a week-long series on the more hellish recesses of the English language. Why is we spoke dem ways we don't not? Why is speling so arbitrary? Why are the endings of through, though, thought, tough, plough, thorough, hiccough, and lough all pronounced differently? (That last one is pronounced loch...with that gutteral ccckkkk sound at the end.) Now I need to wipe my screen down after that gutteral sound.

-Announcements for several CotB Contests in the works. Perhaps the best way to understand this concept is through a simple analogy. I have no way of proving that, though.