Friday, July 27, 2007

Headlines or Tailshapes?

Former US sailors shake hands with Japan kamikaze

Fortunately, the kamikaze didn't end up being a true kamikaze. Read this article, very cool.

Controversy? Nepal's "goddess" prefers instant noodles

Sometimes, certain headlines don't require smartass remarks to explain them.

Pentagon makes contingency plans for Iraq pullout

You know, because they never thought of this before...

Asian markets decline after Dow plunges (AP)

Asian Market #1: "Oh, crap! Look at the Dow!"
Asian Market #2: "Hey! Watch where you're going!"

FBI chief contradicts Gonzales testimony (AP)

Fox News has FBI chief "challenging" Gonzales testimony.

Hidden Underwater City Wows Experts

Is a hidden underwater city really capable of wowing an expert...on hidden underwater cities?

Blog: In 12 million years, we're dead

Now would be a good time

Senate OKs package urged by 9/11 panel

Packages urged by terrorists were not OKed. In fact, they're really holding up airports a lot lately.

Giants 2, Braves 1: Braves Fall to Giants; Bonds No Closer to Record

No one goes home happy.

Nationalism gains strength in Japan

And our grandparents remember how well this went last time....