Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Essence of It All

With a school year falling fast behind me, I hope to be dedicating a little more time to this silly little thing called blog. Caught on the Bound will be opening a field office in London next Wednesday when I head there to begin what officials have dubbed the "London Summer Programme" for Notre Dame. The idea of this endeavor is to situate us in London for the summer in a programme to see how fast we lose money. Anyways, I'll try to keep up as best I can when not ding-dong ditching #10 Downing Street or recreating the Beatles' Abbey Road picture. One primary goal of this venture is to obtain a Hard Rock Cafe London t-shirt. I never understood the significance of Hard Rock t-shirts, but I suspect that there is none and that Hard Rock has succeeded magnificently in conning us into thinking that they are important and worthy of purchase. Anyways, I hope to dedicate a little bit more time to writing on this thing, which is, after all, the essence of any good blog right? RIGHT? Oh yeah, and I'll get the press conferences back up and running. Several members of the site's fanbase have lamented the dearth. V FOR VICTORY. and VENDETTA. and if you're Archie, VERONICA.