Monday, January 09, 2006

Overused Word #1 - Procrastination


This word is used entirely too much. Don't get me wrong, though, I really enjoy it. It lets me get all of my study breaks out of the way up front. The problem, though, is that people just throw this word around without thinking about the emotional and psychological toll it takes on a person.

Nobody ever wants to start a project too early. It just doesn't make any sense. You can't write that final paper until you've finished the course, you can't start your homework that's due next week until next week because the teacher will likely push the due date back anyways, screwing you and saving the rest of the slacker class! You can't write a paper on current events too soon because it won't be current when you turn it in.

Procrastinating takes too much skill to just have the word thrown around. Procrastinators do their best to keep their work and their world current, efficient and up-to-the-minute, yet must contend with the inevitable stress. Just look at the journalists. They can't write about Pope John Paul II's death until he's actually dead! Otherwise they look like, really bad and stuff.

Procrastinators break out in cold sweat as the deadline approaches. Diets change. Moods swing. Shoes don't get worn. Coffee is consumed to the point of ineffectiveness. Sleep takes a backseat while determination and true grit drive the body into the abysmal void of completion. Every day we search the skies for heroes, unaware that they are typing amongst us. They work while we sleep. They toil while we revel. And what kind of gratitude do we give them? We use that word entirely too much. So save the word for the true procrastinators. The rest are just using Facebook.