Thursday, January 12, 2006

Editor-in-Chief Under Fire for "Lazy Posting Effort"

MISSION VIEJO, CA--Having already been criticized for his questionable journalistic integrity by various candy companies and animation studios, Caught on the Bound editor-in-chief Kevin Curran has caught some considerable flak the past few days for what sworn enemies have called a "lazy posting effort" with the site. Curran, who is wintering at his family's Orange County home was not available for immediate comment. Caught on the Bound publicists assured the media that the site will continue normal functions in the coming days. "After the resignation of our Helsinki Bureau Chief yesterday, things just haven't been right around here" said one senior staff member on condition of anonymity. Also under attack by critics are the site's pseudo-news reports and press conferences.

Right: Curran, contesting a move during an imaginary chess game