Saturday, July 19, 2008

Obama the Unjokable?

The Financial Times tackles the difficulty in joking about Obama.

On The New Yorker cover:

"The problem with the cartoon is not that it violated the amour propre of the Obama camp or bumped up against any taboos about race but that it was an artistic failure. First, its message was alien to its genre. The cartoonist, Barry Blitt, assured readers he was mocking certain "ridiculous" paranoid attitudes about the Obamas, not the Obamas themselves. But a picture cannot convey the mental states of people who are not in it, any more than a sculpture can rhyme."
I think both McCain and Obama are making it difficult for satirists, comedians and late-night hosts. Last night, McCain was asked by Conan if there was anything else to joke about aside from his age. McCain pretended to nod off.