Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight - Reaction

It felt a little rushed at times, but a very satisfying film overall. The praise for Heath Ledger's Joker is well-deserved. A lot of thought went into this film - it's laced with moral dilemmas and the psychology of fear. Perhaps the film could have been a little more fun, but it will please almost everyone, I think.

I love the way Batman disguises his voice when talking - it's a small touch that makes sense for a well-known billionaire in costume.

Scenes that never occurred in the movie that I wouldn't mind seeing:

1) Batman stops at Starbucks to pick up a grande vanilla latte. "And your name?" "I'M BATMAN!"

2) Batman feels a tickle in his throat and goes to the doctor. When someone comments on his raspy voice, Batman says, "I HAVE STREP!" and head-butts the questioner.

3) Bruce Wayne breaks his leg. Michael Caine puts on the Batsuit and wreaks havoc on Gotham's criminal underworld. No one seems to notice that Christian Bale never appears in the rest of the film.