Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Resume Gods Beware

It's kind of nice to have the whole college and college admissions process behind me. Why? Aside from the obvious relaxitude and chill factorial, I don't have to go along with the latest trend in admissions: authentic imperfection. Yes, the hip thing now is for people to not puff up their resumes, but to show themselves as flawed, reflective, Bob Dylanesque, keep-on-keepin-on slices-of-life rather than invincible Resume Gods.

The idea is cool, but now admissions-types are saying students are starting to "fake" authentic imperfection. I attempted to draw a diagram of those last three words and how they relate to each via cross-modulation and some sort of logical circle-of-fifths, but my brain did one of those rare "that's enough" gestures that made me stop.

So I guess the college admissions game continues to be one of honest deception (?). Back in my day, a kid just had to have heart and smart! Not this new-fangled "average" poseuring.

I better get out of here before this post becomes even more incomprehensible.