Friday, August 24, 2007

Receding Headlines: Sssssnake Edition!

Ex-astronaut testifies in love triangle case

Interesting how "ex-" and "love triangle" often appear in the same sentence, astronaut or not.

Georgia says it fired at Russian plane this week

US Government asks that Peach State notify them ahead of time before launching future assertions of states' rights - oh! THAT Georgia!

Colombian warlord violates deal, faces extradition

You'd think warlords might have ways of getting around the establishment.

Kids' food fussiness may be inherited (AP)

"And to my little nephew Timmy, I leave my distaste for weird green specks in soup and my hatred for leafy vegetables"

Man accused of biting girlfriend's snake (AP)

There you have it. Is it funnier that it happened in N. Ireland?

US general: Pullout a 'step backward'

That's....that's what a pullout is.

China declares 'war' on tainted products

Kind of like how we declared 'war' on 'Terror,' but easier to regulate. Wars on words are a cool trend, soon we'll have "War on Unrequited Love" or "War on Peace" or "War on Rye, Hold the Mayo"