Sunday, August 19, 2007

Connective Tissue Post

Caught on the Bound is back after a bit of a break. Sometimes it gets hard to keep up the back-breaking pace of 1-2 posts a day (with about 3 real posts a week). Part of this is because fact-checkers tell us to pitch about 70% of the posts we come up with due to what they call, "Lies! Vicious lies!"

Also, as Editor-in-Chief of this enterprise, I would like to state that Caught on the Bound will not suffer the usual August "we're done posting until January" syndrome that has afflicted the site in recent years.

New media! Look out for it. Seriously.

Item 4: As we forge ahead into the bleary, unknowing September of our discontent, a quick head-count of the staff here has informed me that we're going to need fresh interns for this fall semester here at Caught on the Bound. Interested? Send an email to caughtontheboundyahoo(dot)com with a brief statement of intent and a fictionalized resume. Experience in curse-breaking, journalism, newshounding, fear-mongering, and seduction preferred but not required. We also need people up on the Internet thing. Course credit available.