Friday, July 20, 2007

Since You're Gone

Straight out of 1982 and directly to you, it's The Cars' "Since You're Gone," a delightfully quirky music video that has captured my imagination and held it prisoner on some remote island of detached early-era MTV surrealism.

Some observations:

-It sure is a drag to wake up and find that your sweetie is no longer there to make plastic eggs for you
-Flowers are a tell-tale sign that a female is around. Guys don't have time for fragrant botanical side-quests in life! When the woman leaves, the flowers vanish, and part of your soul dies.
-The idea of a girlfriend's shoes walking out on a guy is just awesome. Guys tend not to walk out on girls as much for some reason, but I'm sure if one did, a parade of power tools would march right out of the garage.
-Interesting....Sunshine Movers seems to prefer the clandestine night-time operation. What are they covering up? Or is it some metaphorical nod to the lonely darkness following the break-up of a sunny relationship?

(WARNING: Don't read comments...possible HARRY POTTER SPOILERS...have I mentioned that?)