Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Scott Niedermayer Takes the Cup (May or May Not Give It Back)

Since the Anaheim (once Mighty) Ducks are both the closest NHL team to my home, as well as the team that I have followed and seen the most, I feel it only right to reflect on their first Stanley Cup win. Specifically, this sick picture of Scott Niedermayer doing the mandatory "hoist" of the ridiculously oversized Cup.

Adding to the epic feel of the whole thing is the streaks of gray in his beard. Here's a man who's been around the rink a few times - a seasoned veteran of his sport. It almost looks like he's screaming "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" like some kind of padded, maniacal Gandalf. I'm sure Niedermayer is glad to get the Cup back from the damn punk kids who had it before him, even though he's won a number of them himself. As I stare at this picture even more intently, it looks like Niedermayer might be thinking "What if I drop this thing? Will that tarnish my legacy?"

In any case, these Ducks, despite the name change, are, at least for now, quite Mighty.

Photo Credit: (AP PHOTO/CP, Paul Chiasson)