Sunday, June 10, 2007

Now Hiring: Sworn Enemy/Villain/Antagonist/Criminal Mastermind

Alright, here's the deal. Caught on the Bound has been around for some time now. Big proverbial whoop, right? Captain Picard has been around for a while. So has Sherlock Holmes. And Jesus! (varies depending on beliefs, see local religious leader for details) Even Dave Thomas's spirit lingers on every time we visit Wendy's. But these guys were interesting. More interesting than Caught on the Bound. Why? Because they had ENEMIES. Would Picard be as cool without the Borg? Sherlock Holmes had criminal mastermind Prof. Moriarty to foil, and Jesus had Satan. Even Dave Thomas had Colonel Sanders to glare at across advertising space (OK, maybe not so much...Sanders encouraged Thomas to open his own chain of restaurants....).

The point is, Caught on the Bound has no menacing antagonist who will wreak havoc upon the site. I need someone to vilify, to revile, an evil thing, a villain and other words containg "vil" as well! So let me know if you have it out for me or this site. You might just have yourself a new career as Caught on the Bound In-House Criminal Mastermind.