Friday, August 11, 2006

The Brawny Gig

I've always thought that the Brawny paper towel guy had a great gig. You have to wonder how he even got into paper towels. From this Brawny-provided picture, it looks as though some clues to his past are given. Brawny Man is a woodsy sort of dude, signalled by his flannel shirt. Perhaps a lumberjack? VCR repairman? Hairdresser? He clearly has access to a shower or gentle stream to wash and slick back that hair. The most compelling portion of this picture has to be Brawny Man's friends to the left. What an apathetic bunch this is.

Doris the Deer is dumbfounded at how she ended up hanging out with a dude who looks just like a hunter in the middle of the forest, while Mr. Grizz up there is already bored out of his mind and plotting the imminent demise of that wilderness village to the right. His discontent and readily apparent disgust at mankind's encroachment on his natural home is revealed in his grim gaze. Why eat Doris when he can strike back at the real enemies? Speaking of Doris, she looks like she just watched the first scene of Bambi and is slowly putting it all together: "hmmm, he looks like a hunter...hunters kill deer...I' trouble?"

Rocky Raccoon lost interest in this whole photo shoot about five minutes ago and is already looking for garbage to eat. The soaring creature above is either a dragonfly leper or Edgar the Eagle. Either way, he wants nothing to do with Brawny Man and his poker gang.

I wonder if Brawny Man is standing in front of his academy trying to attract students. I'm sure some kids are walking by it, taking a look at the sign, taking a look at Brawny Man, then glancing at the assortment of enraged and disaffected fauna, and saying, "man, I should just keep walking."

In conclusion, I don't know how Brawny Man got this gig or what direction his life is taking, but I hope it's something beyond ultra quilted absorption. For more Brawny Man commentary, click here.