Sunday, May 14, 2006

Notre Dame Gets Lonely At the End of the Semester Apparently

Papa John's Employee (female): Thank you for calling Papa John's at Notre Dame, will this be for delivery?

Me: Yes.

PJ Woman: OK, and what would you like this evening?

Me: Uh, a small, hand-tossed pepperoni pizza please.

PJ Woman: OK, and where should we have this delivered?

Me: ### Keough Hall.

PJ Woman: Hey, wait a second. Aren't you supposed to be home right now?

Me: Well, I'm staying here for a while more.

PJ Woman: (pauses) Why?

Me: Study-abroad program.

PJ Woman: Why are you still here if it's study-abroad?

Me: Well, I'm staying here instead of going all the way back to California.

PJ Woman: Why would you go to California?

Me: OK, listen. Can I get my pizza or what?

PJ Woman: Oh, I'm sorry, I get carried away. My grandson went to Paris last summer. It wasn't study abroad though.

Me: I see. Actually, I'm going there for part of my trip, as a side-trip from London.

PJ Woman: They have more Pizza Huts there than Papa John's.

Me: So I hear.

PJ Woman: OK, will that be all?

Me: I think so. How old is your grandson?

PJ Woman: He's 14.

Me: Cool.

PJ Woman: This'll be $9.79 by the way.

Me: OK, cash.

PJ Woman: Thank you!