Monday, May 15, 2006

Man Sues Over Mother's Day Baseball Promotion

From ESPN:

What a country: What do you get when you combine two treasured icons of Americana, baseball and Mother's Day? A lawsuit, of course. A San Diego man has sued the Angels, alleging that the team treated men and those under 18 unequally when they gave away nylon tote bags only to women last Mother's Day. The lawyer who filed the action has added a second suit on his own behalf, saying that he was unfairly denied a free hat during a similar Mother's Day giveaway by the A's in 2004. Where's Martha Burk when we really need her? We'd love to see a female judge decide this case and declare that if the men want to be given free gifts designed for mothers, they first be forced to pass a kidney stone the size of a bowling ball after lugging it around for nine months.