Friday, April 14, 2006

Press Conference - 4/14/2006

Thanks everyone for coming, it's been a while.

"Is it true that the site owns a hut in Tahiti?"

Yes, almost all of that statement is true. No more questions on Tahiti, please.

"Do the comedians appearing in the Thursday Comedy Slam have any idea that they are being exploited?"

They have no idea. However, we take great care to provide a flattering picture with each selection of quotes to give people the illusion that they're looking at a still image who is speaking the reproduced text. Does that confuse you? Well, it's an illusion. Yes, with the suspenders back there,

"How serious are you about the open casting call?"

Have you ever heard of that satellite radio service? That's how sirius we are. Actually, we've had a few inquiries that we are currently working out. Expect to see some new faces, er, names in the near future.

"That pun was terrible."

Read the text under the title, punk.

*members of the press mumble to each other in contempt*