Monday, April 17, 2006

Pipe Dreams

Is anyone actually surprised that the Japanese are the first to do this? After all, I'm sure everyone remembers this scene:

"It's called Famicom! We'll market it in the US as 'Nintendo Entertainment System'"

"I don't know, seems kind of...boxy."

"That's the beauty! All of this fun in one box!"

"Alright, I'm hesistant due to Atari's waning popularity, but I will still place an order for a million billion units....NOW!"

The rest is...future I guess. I remember playing Super Mario Bros., struggling to figure out how to get down a pipe (press down, apparently), and soon beginning to wonder, "What if I could smell TV?" Well here it is.

I know this isn't the FIRST time smell has been put in theaters. Notable instances include the Muppet movie experience thing at Disney World and maybe something else like that, but is this the first time (other than perhaps a novelty experiment in the 20s) that this has been implemented? Someone get on this and inform me. After all, it took me three days to figure out that pressing down would make you go down a pipe.

(Pictured: Game referred to. Notice the timer at 364. I call these "methaseconds" because they travel like 4 times as fast as a second. Methaseconds, in small quantities especially, are capable of making music tempo increase, which in turn causes people to make stupid "death" mistakes like running into a Goomba or hopping down bottomless chasms.)