Friday, April 07, 2006

Gliding Ants

I guess that title pretty much sums up this post. Here they are.

I wonder if any of these ants has stood at the top of a tree, ready to end his or her life, taken the plunge and then realized halfway though the free fall (or tree fall ha ha) "Wait! What am I doing?! I still have a family of 3000 and a whole world to explore! I'm not ready to die!" and then swerved back toward the trunk.

Update: Ants apparently don't have that kind of cognitive ability according to our biology expert that I keep on the payroll for just such occasions.

Update 2: Ants often have families larger than 3000 too. I apologize for trying to have some fun with ants. It was ill-advised and I regret it.

Update 3: I have fired our biology expert.