Friday, February 10, 2006

Standing Up

Last night provided me with one of the more harrowing experiences of my life when I performed stand up comedy for the first time. While I didn't majorly screw up or go stoned-faced, I noticed a lot of things on stage that you wouldn't even think of in preparation. The way certain people look at you, the lighting, the way your breath can make a "boom" in the microphone when you aren't even trying to, or even a random cough can send your mind into dizzying fits of confusion. I was able to avoid this, but I couldn't help but think how close to failure you always are on stage. I felt comfortable the whole time, but having that in the back of your mind is a rush.

One odd observation that I had, that wasn't part of my act, was how all of the jokes that the comedians laughed at in the workshop fell flat, while all of the jokes that the audience laughed at, the comedians told me to consider cutting out! The search for a happy medium begins. I decided not to go up there and tell surefire, sure-laugh dick jokes, but it seems that a lot of crowds for stand up comedy really expect that. I shouldn't have to tailor my act to the audience while compromising my own sense of humor, but I can see a lot of ways to improve the act now. You have to try this sometime. It's nuts. It's like stationary sky-diving.

As my brother would often say at Baskin Robbins, "Give me a Wild N' Reckless, two scoops, twice, with sprinkles."