Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Press Conference - 2/8/06

Sorry I'm late everyone. You've been most patient. Especially that guy in the hospital. Yeah,

"I've noticed that a lot of the posts on here are really just thinly-veiled pop culture explorations with little insightful commentary or purpose. How do you account for this travesty of modern dialectic?"

Alright, let's not lose our heads here. I'm looking at you, Headless Horseman. Seriously, uh, there's been so much going on. Lots of staff shakeups, scandal, and college going on. If you cut us a little slack, we'll stop slacking ourselves.

"I question Simon's credentials."

You are a FOOL! As was said about Baron Samedi in the James Bond movie, "Live and Let Die," so too does it go for Simon: "the man...cannot die." Simon is impeccably qualified and is truly what I like to call a "popular genius."

"I liked the post on Planet X, but how likely do you think it is that it will actually be named that? You know it'll probably be named U232-06 or something."

Yeah. I don't know. I'm calling it Planet X.

"Where does the name 'Caught on the Bound' come from?"

I'll get to that later this week.
*tries to make quick exit and leave, only to find that door is locked*
"I was trying to escape, but it didn't work!"