Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Planet the Xth

It looks like there might be a little more pressure on the International Astronomical Union to recognize what could very well be the tenth planet in our solar system. My question: how did we discover distant galaxies, far-off stars, quasars, black holes, and the Borg all before we spotted this sucker in October of 2003?

I have to admit, I get very excited about news that seems to fly in the face of stuff I learned in 3rd grade. When I was nine years old, I was cut from a play about the planets of our solar system because I was 10th in line to sign up (true story). Understandably, I was hurt by this and since then, it has been my endeavor to fully endorse this possibility and any investigation into the existence of a tenth planet--a Planet X. Planet X is more than just a possible sun-circumcircuiting satellite. This orb contains within it every dream of mine that was dashed upon the rocks of despair.

When I see that artist's conception of Planet X staring off into a distant sun, the flashbacks of that fateful day haunt me still. So, International Astronomical Union, I call upon you to give credit where credit is due; to vanquish the specter of ghastly half-planets; to once and for all drive a stake through the heart of those who cut in line; so that I and everyone else who have felt that pain may know that we will finally have something to hold onto in this cruel world--that we may finally have our Planet X.