Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Most Incoherent Article, Like, Ever

A former Tour de France director levels devastating charges against Lance Armstrong like "Why are you coming back?" and "People will whisper about doping." and "You use dark magic to bulge out your calves right? I knew it."

If anything, Armstrong raised the profile of cycling all over the world and inspired thousands of others to give it a try (not to mention the hope he gave other cancer survivors). I was one of the quickest to defend France during the heady days of Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast, but this strikes me as a little too...well, French. Be glad that the American media and consumers are paying attention to your unique national event!

Also, it was fun when they started it in London a few years ago because in all of the pictures of people watching from the street, there was always a guy in the background walking back from the store, completely unaware of what was happening, with a facial expression that conveyed something like, "Tour de Whaaaaaaaat?"