Friday, August 15, 2008

Follow-up on Bigfoot(?)

I was able to catch some of the press conference held regarding the possible Bigfoot discovery. In short, it was kind of ridiculous. The "evidence" was, of course, a Blobsquatch - the usual indistinguishable blob/shadowy figure/object barely discernible in the image and some DNA results which came back as undetermined/human/opossum.

The whole thing was ludicrously cloak-and-dagger: no definitive proof, no real scientists on hand and certainly no body on display.

There were a couple of "gotcha!" moments, too. One savvy reporter asked why the men had cameras with them while hiking out in the middle of northern Georgia. The alleged co-discoverer appeared to freeze for a moment, then mumbled about there being all kinds of animals to look at and film.

You could hear a few reporters shouting "hoax!" or questioning aloud, "Why would they take cameras up there, but not guns?" This just isn't going to end well.

Quite hilarious and truly worthy of a blog post - but nothing more until we see ourselves some BODY.