Saturday, August 16, 2008

Change You Can Believe In

Like a very trustworthy dime, or something. Anyways, you may have noticed some different things on the blog. I meant to initiate this about a year ago, but never had the time: you're seeing the beginning of a multi-pronged new media launch for Caught on the Bound. Comics! Random scans! And coming soon - video!

Let me know what you think. Once things get into a groove, I think it will shake things up around here nicely and give you a break from my lackluster posting. I've been posting more often, but usually it's more of a link log and nothing substantive. Well, I'm working on that and still tinkering around with the tone of this blog. Fortunately, I seem to have hit upon a consistent string of updating the past few months and I don't see that faltering anytime soon.

Hope you're enjoying the blog!