Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bill Clinton to Obama: Call Me!

Bill Clinton is waiting for Obama to call after he decides that he likes him.

"Whenever he asks — that is, we had a good talk, and he said he wanted me to campaign with him, and I said I was eager to do so," Clinton told reporters in New York Thursday. "He's busier than I am, with politics anyway, so I just told him that whenever he wanted to do it, I was ready."
This sounds eerily similar to a middle school scenario. "Can you ask her if she like likes me or just likes me?" And then the girl has to "think about it" because she thinks he's actually kind of a nerd and would really bring her pop cred down with the other prissy girls she wants to get in with so she stalls or something. So I guess Bill Clinton is sitting at home or in his Harlem office staring at the phone, waiting for that one special call that will ignite a long-forgotten Democratic Party passion. Growing up is such a confusing time.

I would also like to use this platform to publicly denounce acne once and for all. Thanks for nothing hormones!