Tuesday, June 10, 2008

To Boldly Split An Infinitive and Take Things In A New Direction

So it's come to this. Having a blog is something that feels somewhat natural on one level, and wholly strange on another. I like the idea of having a place on the Internets to put my thoughts and interaction with the world, but have struggled to find a consistent lasting tone to sustain it. That's why Caught on the Bound isn't updated as frequently as the blogs I like reading. I think this is because, at its absolute best, blogging is a personal thing. Sure, there are links and rehashing news you could find on CNN, but it always comes branded with a personal reaction on a blog - something to identify with. You can nod along with the idea, shake your head and mumble, "What was he thinking?" or simply laugh at something we universally find funny.

That's why I declare this moment to be a crossroads for Caught on the Bound. I've tried to avoid dipping too deeply into political, religious or otherwise forbidden territory, but have found that this makes this blog a rather empty place. From this point forward, expect to see Caught on the Bound in a new personal light. I want it to be light-hearted and fun, but also in step with the world and developing events.

You'll be seeing more commentary on the things that interest me personally, but hopefully with a sizable layer of mass-appeal. I don't want this to be a log of my daily activities, but I will include something if it's cool - like skydiving or investigating the Telectroscope.

Onward. Caught on the Bound will prevail.