Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So only 77 votes tallied, but this is kind of a problem. The global warming question has fallen into this no-man's-land of partisan bias. I think the problem stems from:

1) The issue of global warming tries to explain long-term effects that extend beyond the scope of our immediate lives. Whether or not global warming is happening, it's unlikely to show a real tangible effect any time soon. In short, the answers gained from research aren't enough to sway people either way.

2) Even if global warming IS occurring, there is still rampant confusion as to whether or not this is a sign of something bad or simply natural climate change that would have happened without human interference.

3) The effects of immediately "going green" (in a forward-looking, long-term, change the world sense) for industry and corporations are written off as negligible for the foreseeable future. Why bother?

4) We don't need another film like this made. (No, I'm not talking about An Inconvenient Truth)

(Hat-tip: Matt Y)