Sunday, June 29, 2008

Obama's Seal

Regarding the new seal unveiled by the Obama campaign last week: I, like many, I think, initially cringed. It looks a lot like the official presidential seal and also includes a clumsy "Vero Possumus" slogan in the center - "Yes We Can."

Crazy. Is Obama overreaching now? Maybe, but perhaps this is the most brilliant idea since FDR's Fala. Yeah, the seal is kind of ridiculous, but think of the mind games. People are going to see Obama speaking from behind a seal that looks a lot like the real presidential seal. People are going to get used to seeing him speak about the war, the economy, hope and change accompanied by a symbol conjuring up images of the presidency. If he looks comfortable behind a presidential-looking seal, people might get comfortable with the idea of an Obama presidency. It's a pseudo-subliminal effect! Akin to having a band play a tune reminiscint of "Hail to the Chief" whenever he walks into a room. You may not like it, but if you wouldn't necessary be opposed to it, the same could happen with Obama's name on the November ballot.