Sunday, June 29, 2008

Full Disclosure: Sports Allegiances

I figured I should state my sports allegiances for the record. They reflect a strange childhood of frequent moves and glory days past, but I figure as long as I'm loyal to these teams consistently over the years, no one can fault me for rooting for a cross-nation mosaic of clubs.

NBA: Chicago Bulls (lived in the Chicago area during the Jordan years and still love them...despite hard times)

NFL: Carolina Panthers (lived in North Carolina, decided to become a fan when they were included in the 1995 expansion along with Jacksonville, not really a big NFL fan, but this is my team, I suppose)

MLB: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Surrounding Territories including Riverside and Orange Counties and the Inland Empire (fan since I was 13 years old, spent my formative years in Orange County) See here for renaming fiasco.

NHL: Anaheim Ducks (same reasons as above)

NCAA Football: Notre Dame (2007 graduate); Nebraska (family ties, I was born in Lincoln, will cheer for ND over Nebraska, would ideally like to see both playing each other for the national title every year)

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame, Nebraska (see above)

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy (fan since 1995 when I proclaimed to my brother, "The Galaxy are going all the way" and they damn near did)

English Premier League: Arsenal (I arbitrarily latched onto them in the late 90s and decided they would be my horse in this race, my dog in that fight)