Saturday, May 31, 2008

Linking Fixed

RIGA, Latvia (Caught on the Bound Newswires) - Caught on the Bound users reported broken links when accessing the site through rather than the Blogspot address.

Editor-in-chief and Supreme Site Overlord Kevin Curran was roused from his slumber by an aide at 3:30 AM this morning to deal with the problem.

"What we're looking at is some kind of power revulsion oscillation," said a bleary-eyed Curran. "Very common. Very common. Hey, are you going to the kitchen? Can you get me a muffin?"

CotB technicians worked through most of the morning to correct the problem, finally beating back the DNS domain demon with deft programming and two-clicks of a mouse.

"I think 'DNS domain' is a redundant term," said Earl, a longtime programmer and respected minion of the site. "I mean, that's just bad journalism. DNS stands for Domain Naming System. Idiots."

Earl was placed on administrative leave.