Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Waiting in Headline

Technology is key on global warming: Bush adviser

Giant robots will simply plug the ozone hole with their little fingers! Or maybe we could rethink that whole Kyoto Protocol thing.

India's Gandhi backs nuclear deal

He's back baby! And this time, peace takes a back seat! Oh wait, it's Sonia Gandhi.

Experts pick '07 conference winners, title game matchup

I thought we were still allowing teams to play the games?

Mummy Was Painted With Spanish Lead

This proves that the Earth is only 5000 years old and that the Egyptians were actually aliens. Also, the Spanish were dangerous painters.

Stephen Colbert's Water Fight With Richard Branson to Air

We need more headlines like this.

Would-Be Robber Wraps Head in Duct Tape as Disguise

It's brilliant! Except for the not breathing part.

Passport rules snare child support scofflaws

Excellent headline - "snare" nicely alliterates with "scofflaws"

Mattel recalls 9M toys because of magnets, lead paint

Again with the lead paint! You'd think after thousands of years we'd figure out that lead = NO!!!! (I'm looking at you, Spanish-Egyptian mummy)