Friday, August 03, 2007

Fledgling Site Strikes 10,000 Hits

(From Caught on the Bound Newswire)

MUMBAI - The mood was jubilant for Caught on the Bound Junior Copy Editor, Ashley Polselli, currently on assignment in India for no apparent reason. "When I received the email sent from headquarters in California, two thoughts went through my head: 'I'm so glad we hit 10,000' and 'Why the hell did the Editor-in-Chief send me to Mumbai?'" That timely relevant question aside, Ashley's enthusiasm is shared by Caught on the Bound employees worldwide today as the fledgling site passes a milestone of sorts.

"What we have here is a dream deciding that it was sick and tired of being some second-rate wish. It's a wish that became a dream and it's now looking for a home in Reality Hills" said website founder and editor Kevin Curran, as fellow staff cast him cautious glares. "When this website started, it was nothing more than a blog with random bits lacking a unified theme or coherency. Today, that is still true."

Wearing party hats and with forced expressions of joy, the Caught on the Bound staff joined with Curran in counting-up to the 10,000th hit. "You know, I really wouldn't have minded the festivities and count-up and all, but starting from 9000 was kind of a drag. I didn't even get a chance to work on that English language series he keeps shoving at us" said Chris Flanagan, an underpaid, but over-appreciated intern. "I would describe the atmosphere around the office as...'oxygenated'" he said, with a slight hesitation as Curran stared at him over a steaming pot of black coffee.

"This is a triumphant day for webkind. But the celebration must be short. We have work to do and an employee in Mumbai who needs some savvy hostage negotiation" said Curran, calmly smoothing his three-piece suit.