Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Receding Headlines

OJ Simpson blames ghost author over murder book

Sure! Blame it on the ghosts! Why don't we ask the skeletons in OJ's closet a few questions? Headline tomorrow: "OJ Simpson blames ghost murderer over murders"

Iraq role to last years, cost more: officials

Well, hold on, now...let's see how this surge does first before we make any decisions or even think about thinking. Talking about anything emboldens the enemy!

Dow Jones OKs $5 bln sale to News Corp: source
News Corp board OKs deal to buy Dow Jones: source

Take your pick of these headlines. Was it News Corp that OKed or was it Dow Jones? We report, you decide. Also, it's reassuring to know that there are sources behind headlines. Because sometimes I get the distinct impression that maybe there aren't.

Keith Richards rolling in book dough

It's like Play-Doh. Somehow I can totally see Keith Richards rolling in any kind of dough - book, Play, cookie, you name it.

Edwards’s Campaign Tries to Harness Internet

This is a funny mental image. Out of Al Gore's COLD DEAD HANDS.

Labor likes all the ’08 Democrats

Alternative headline: "Labor for anything against '08 Republicans"