Friday, June 08, 2007

The Tim Tang Test

Give it a shot. I got to level 6 or 7 before realizing that my life was slowly melting away. Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into other units of time, space-time was warped, and my dinner was cold.

It's a URL-changing game, in which the answer to each puzzle becomes part of the URL for the next one. This stuff gets really hard really fast - be prepared to Google and/or end all prior life engagements you may have had. I'm currently reintroducing myself to my mother. There's a Facebook group, as well.

As for me, I've had my fill of it, but give it a shot. Let me know if you break into the ranks of the elite. As Dr. Watson once said of his friend, Sherlock Holmes, "Internet games are his only vice, that poor sorry son of a b--"

That was made up. The Sherlock Holmes part. Maybe. It could be a puzzle! Wow, it's late.