Saturday, June 16, 2007

Things You Didn't Know About Paul!

My good friend Paul Nguyen had these interesting facts about himself in his AIM profile. Enjoy:

Things You Didn't Know About Paul!

- In High School, Paul was among the top 3% of math students, competed in the high school math "Superbowl" and other math invitationals.

- In College, Paul received "D"s both semesters of calculus.

- In High School, Paul performed Shubert's Unfinished Symphony with his orchestra to win a Grammy for most outstanding music program.

-In College, Paul performed in the Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra only to fall asleep (while playing his violin) during rehearsals.

I can verify the college facts. I should also point out that he was still hitting most of the notes while falling asleep in rehearsal. Incidentally, Paul has been offered a position as a Senior Staff Writer for Caught on the Bound.