Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Press Conference - June 25, 2007

Great, everyone calm down. I know it's been a while since we've done one of these, but please, for the love of all things, chill! Now, let's get started, you there, sir.

"A lot of blogs, well, personal blogs, tend to have titles like "The Ramblings of John Doe" or "The Scrambled Thought Process of John Doe" or "Musings of John Doe." Why doesn't Caught on the Bound adopt a similar title?"

That's a great question. Good stuff. People who start blogs have a few things in common: they think they have something worth saying; they have confidence; and they believe themselves to be reasonably intelligent. I think, when someone makes a blog, they tend to compensate for the ego push by "downplaying" their abilities as "ramblings" or "musings." Caught on the Bound, of course, is a collective team effort made up of myself and whoever I haven't fired. Also, we're just f***king Caught on the Bound. Yeah, you...

"I noticed that a high percentage of your pictures on the site come from Wikipedia. Why?"

That's a great question. Caught on the Bound uses an in-house Integrity Index to rank its sources. Here it is:

1. Wikipedia
2. Hearsay
3. Widely-believed facts
4. Stories from old people
5. Google
6. The New York Times
7. The grapevine
8. CNN
9. Fox News
10. Empirical data

As you can see, Wikipedia is the most trusted source. Since Hearsay and Widely-believed facts rarely provide photos, we do what we have to.