Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Hunt for Bigfoot

It's underway in Michigan.

Dr. Grover Krantz, a scientist specializing in cryptozoology, believes Bigfoot is a "gigantopithecus," a branch of primitive man believed to have existed 3 million years ago.

But mainstream scientists tend to dismiss the study as pseudoscience because of unreliable eyewitness accounts and a lack of solid physical evidence.

You may remember Dr. Grover Krantz for his memorable role on television. He has since lost his blue radiance due to the demanding nature of cryptozoology. Bigfoots (or Sasquatches, Yetis, King Kongs, Velociraptors, etc) continue to be a nagging thorn in the side of mainstream science. I think cryptozoology is a legitimate area of study, though. Remember that one fish scientists found in the ocean that was thought to have been extinct for millions of years?

What is it with these "mainstream scientists" and their incessant need for "solid physical evidence"? They just need to believe, man.