Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ancestral Names

I had a chance to do some genealogy research for kicks the other day, and discovered that a lot of my ancestors have GREAT names. Here below are some of their first names, and my best guess as to what they were like.

E.P. - No-nonsense sort of guy, very busy, didn't even have time to spell out first name

Bertha - Derived from an old German word meaning "bright," so...bright?

Ludmila - Slavic Olympic gymnast or figure skater

Minnie - What is this short for? Minerva? Likely an Animagus or mouse. Or both.

Vaclav - Vampire. I am so tempted to put "Count" before his name.

August - His favorite month was April and...um...well, his name is August ok?

Johann - Was probably famous.

Johann - I have three great-great-great-some sort of great-grandfathers named
Johann. What else do I have to say?

Johann - Must have been kind of confused when he went to family reunions.

And just for kicks, following my paternal line as far back as I can, the first names are as follows:

And the maternal line:

And somewhere in my ancestry: