Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So, what are your plans?

Every recent college graduate faces this inevitable, annoying yet well-intentioned question. It's even more annoying when your plans aren't exactly figured out in any concrete way. Usually, people will ask me, "Did you like Notre Dame?" to which I reply, "Yes." The next question is the one that lends itself to the title of this post. My answer: "Well, I hope to work for a year or two before possibly heading to grad school." Seems like a safe, non-revealing answer to me. It's also what everyone else is planning on doing, I think.

I wish, just once, that one of these conversations would go something like this:
"Did you like Notre Dame?"

"Nope. Definitely wasted four years of my life. Oh sure, I learned a lot and had fun, but what a dump! I saw a dry patch of grass once. And have you seen our football team in big games recently?"

"Right...sorry to hear that, SO! What are your plans?"

"(I choke on my champagne) Um, yes, well, uh, planning limits one's options. I'll be finding myself in the big wide world. Which means pshaw to jobs. That's for the establishment. I intend to bum around the house vigorously until chance places a golden opportunity in my lap!"

"Oh...I see." (Thinks: Idiot, should have majored in business)