Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Panera Bread (awww)

Panera Bread bakery/cafe/restaurants dot this fine land of ours, but part of it baffles me. Before I begin, I am contractually obligated by a few friends from St. Louis to mention that Panera Bread began as St. Louis Bread Co. before the Panera name was introduced when the chain was franchised nationwide.

Anyways, I'm sure most of us have had a conversation like this at some point in our hunger-driven lives:

Guy: I'm hungry, where should we eat?
Girl: I don't really care, you decide. (Thinks: He's the guy, why the hell should I decide? Although, I would like to...nah, I'll let him deal with it)
Guy: Well, there's McDonald's, uh, KFC, um....I think that's a grease factory...oh, no, it's a Denny's...
Girl: I really don't care. (Thinks: I care.)
Guy: Hmmm, there's Panera...
Girl: Awwww....Panera!

Every girl I've ever encountered has invariably done some sort of coo, aww, sigh, or affectionate moan at the mention of Panera. Does Panera have some effect on uteri or chest curviness that I don't know about? Are soup and paninis really that life-changing? Any field research on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Caught on the Bound will launch its own investigative investigation.

One keen observer has suggested that girls are attracted to Panera's food AND the fact that they put it on actual plates. For a while, I thought this was a worthy consideration. I have since dismissed that notion as wholly stupid. Someone help me out here. I don't get why Panera elicits that female response.