Monday, August 14, 2006

Single-day Visitor Record Broken

Mildly exciting news trickles out of the Caught on the Bound Newswire this evening (kind of lukewarm news I suppose). The single-day record for unique visitors to the site was set earlier this evening when the 42nd such person found his or her way onto the site. Apparently, a link from Albino Blacksheep is sending all kinds of people this way for the AIM Profile Field Guide recently put up. So if you just came from that way, welcome. I would normally put an exclamation point after the "welcome" but I'm feeling particularly grim this evening.

The Guide is not supposed to be funny. It is gravely serious. Like a tombstone. Or the Bible. The Bible could have used more light-hearted moments. More Jesus pranks. He had all the power to do it and the closest he got was turning water into wine and, by extension, nice people into drunks. Walking on water was a good one too. "Hey! Come over here! Follow in my footsteps!" SPLASH.