Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You're Waiting for the Plan

OK, here we go. But before we do, let me pause again. This weekend, Caught on the Bound's newly hired staff will be unveiled. You will be happy to know that while my job remains in jeopardy, Simon will be retained in the shake-up. He will also be in charge of placing the requisite communications towers on any hill or mountain that does not yet have one. "Nothing can be that big without one" he said the other night.

So what's the plan?

Saturday July 15, 2006

The new faces on the staff will be introduced, along with editor's commentary and cocktails. (Note: Cocktails not available)

Sunday July 16, 2006

The first posts of the Caught on the Bound Summer 2006 Reboot

Monday July 17, 2006

Seminar for all Caught on the Bound Staff: "How to Avoid Not Posting"

So keep coming back, I still have plenty of posting left to do before I run this blog into the ground again in a few months!