Tuesday, July 25, 2006

And all of you are in on it!

I was scuttling around at my local bookstore the other day and saw this book entitled "World's Greatest Conspiracies and Cover-Ups." Well, not anymore I guess! That book just destroyed its subject by being published. It's like when Prof. Farnsworth lamented a quantum finish at the horse races: "Noooo! They changed the outcome by measuring it!"

For some reason, conspiracies and their theories have a way of chopping the population in half: those who tend to buy into them and think, "You know, I could see that..." and the other half who think, "Well, that's great. Why don't you help me wash the car after you take that tin-foil hat off? Hey! Is that Elvis?! Gotcha!"

Perhaps it scares and fascinates people to think of the undetected machinations clanking beneath our society. Jerry Seinfeld once said that airports are a conspiracy aimed at getting you to buy a $10 tuna sandwich because it's the only thing available. The planes, the modern architecture, baggage claims (or baggage reclaims if you're in the UK)--all puppets on strings.

You know, kind of like how this site is just a bogus vehicle to generate megabucks in advertising revenue! a great place to hang out!