Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Elusive 3480 Mark Surpassed - All Relieved

Papeete, TAHITI (Caught on the Bound Newswire) - Sighs of relief echoed off the thatched walls of the Caught on the Bound hut in Tahiti earlier today. "It's too bad I couldn't actually be at our company hut on such a monumental day" lamented senior staff writer and news editor Simon Roberts, a long-time employee. For several months, the site had eagerly anticipated the 3480 hit mark, only to be disappointed time after time. "It reminds me of that Cyndi Lauper song" said editor Kevin Curran. "The whole 'time after time' part, I suppose. Anyways, did we get anyone to check out whose sighs of relief actually did echo off the thatched walls in our hut? Because that's our hut."

Curran continued this rambling for another two minutes before Roberts seized the microphone and with it, control of the press conference. "We are proud that this site was finally able to get the monkey off its back. 3480 is a hit count that many aspire to, but few actually attain" continued Roberts, a 4-time high school academic year completer, who once stated in 8th grade science class that removing a book from the lab table would "enhance its aesthetic value," a comment that caused Mr. Evanston and the rest of the class to cast the popular genius awkward glances.

"I look forward to the next 3480 hits" said Curran. "Time after time."