Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Power Is Yours!

Captain Planet! This guy was like Earth on steroids. Remember the opening sequence? It went something like this:

Our World is in peril!

Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth is getting really pissed! So she sends five magical rings to five special young people:

And then we are of course introduced to Kwame from Africa, etc. Ma-Ti had the power of "heart" which I still contend is an underrated power. Anyone who has a ring that makes a monkey suddenly run across the screen obviously has some stature in the environmental-superhero world. It's true! Kwame gets that big earth displacement thing, Wheeler makes metal melt and fly at you with his fire ring, and that Soviet girl makes trash fly around with a tornado (I'm still trying to figure out how trash flying around is good for the environment...).

Captain Planet himself was incredible. The dude had blue skin and green hair, and most importantly, no shame in wearing tights. His personality was kind of a cross between Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a garbage man. "WHOA! Looks like someone forgot to take out the trash! *tosses toxic offenders into dumpster*" If people are wondering why the environment is being destroyed, it's because kids aren't watching this anymore.

Don't nobody F*** with the PLANET.