Friday, February 10, 2006

A History of Ventures

Caught on the Bound is just the latest in a series of ventures that Simon and Kevin have been involved in since their first meeting over chess at the age of 12/13. One inquiring reader wanted to know what else we're responsible for, so here it is:

-Foiled plot to attend Oxford on rowing scholarships (1997)
-Drafting of plans for magnetic cannon, a type of railgun that we were convinced would work; testing incomplete (1999)
-Drafting of plans for a perpetual motion machine; scoffed at by 8th grade science teacher Mr. Evanston; later reached settlement whereby Mr. Evanston would receive 1/100 of 1% of our profits if machine is developed (1999)
-Founding members, along with several other distinguished personalities, of Model Rocket Club, Las Flores Middle School; also founding dissolvers of club (1999)
-Famed website/blog IKWITA (2003)

As soon as we can gather the mostly classified intelligence, joint ventures with Brian, Barcelona Bureau Chief, will be released.