Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Criminal Mastermind Sandiego Apprehended

CAIRO, EGYPT (Caught on the Bound Newswire) - Criminal mastermind Carmen Sandiego was apprehended yesterday by Caught on the Bound senior staff members shortly before dawn Wednesday in Cairo, Egypt.

"She is insane" said one officer, who wishes to remain anonymous. "It's like she moves from place to place with just the tap of a keystroke!"

Sandiego had been leading a complex underground criminal network for a number of years, often roping children into her schemes, an offense punishable by timeout in the corner in most countries.

"She was easy to spot though. I saw that red fedora hat and trenchcoat and immediately knew I was dealing with the one and only" said Timmy Stephens, age 8, who assisted in the capture with his quick thinking and knowledge of MS-DOS. "I also picked up some cool facts about history and geography! Did you know that Thailand used to be called Siam?"

Caught on the Bound news editor Simon Roberts confirmed Timmy's claims, while others remained skeptical of Sandiego's numerous, albeit illegal, contributions to academia.

"I think she's a punk. Siam? Give me a break kid. Speaking of Siam, I'm about ready to go after those damn Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp. They roughed up Lady pretty good. God bless Tramp" rambled Caught on the Bound editor Kevin Curran in what appeared to be another bout with foaming stupor. "We are happy to have had a role in catching Carmen," Curran continued, "but we have to make sure she doesn't try to escape. What's next? 'Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?" A chorus of laughs ensued as everyone brushed off such a ridiculous speculation.