Friday, January 27, 2006

Simon Will Say

ANN ARBOR, MI (Caught on the Bound Newswire) - Popular genius and IKWITA Webmaster Simon Roberts was hired earlier today by Caught on the Bound and will be serving in a number of "executive capacities" which will include staff writing, marketing, and community service. Roberts is also expected to represent the storied blog at international conferences and in the House of Commons later this year. The 5-year $4 million contract is the highest-paying in blog history, we think (and hope).

Widely-read and broadly-written about, Simon has emerged as an icon of journalistic integrity in the post-dotcom fallout. Where others started endeavors and lost millions, Simon didn't and in the end out-earned most of those failed entrepreneurs. He now sits at the Caught on the Bound conference table ready to forge ahead to brighter horizons, and to shoot down any of Kevin's ideas that deperately need it. Godspeed and Buddhapeace.