Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Regulars

Like it or not, I believe this site is beginning to develop a few regulars, kind of like Norm and Cliff at Cheers. Let's look at what we have so far:

-Overused Words
-Semi-bi-fortnightly Press Conference
-Email of the Day (not everyday, but when there's a good one)
and coming soon...
-Whatever Happened to....? (A nostalgiac or contemptuous look at something we all cared deeply about but for whatever reason it fell off the radar and now exists as an enigmatic recollection of past joy or lost anguish buried in the sands of time and kept locked away by the hands of a ticking clock)

What a big parenthetical waste of time that was. Anyways, if you have a suggestion for a "Whatever Happened to....?" or anything else, email away to kcurran1(at)nd(dot)edu

I type it that way so weird spambots don't harvest my address from this site and use it for evil. It's kind of akin to having your soul sucked out of you and forcing it to view ads for "CARABEAN GETAWAYSS!!!!" Unlike "Cheers," email is not a good situation where everybody should know your name. (But I'm sure they're always glad you came.)